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24 July 2011 @ 01:39 am
Well hello there live journal.

The last time i posted was the middle of freshman year. That is so weird. So so so so many things have changed over the past year. Last summer was a tough one for me and I do regret a lot of the decisions i made. I still think about them today which is very sad but specifically he was a part of my life for a long time so it will be a while before i forget and I haven't met anyone that has completely taken my mind off of him. Hopefully sometime soon that will happen because it's pathetic at this time and I feel a bit lame.

Moving on. Sophmore year was actually amazing. We lived in Maywood 105, probably the best suite in the buidling. It was so homey and so nice. I made a lot of great and new friends this year and built on so many relationships. I feel like a totally different person in such a good way. Maybe more outgoing and confident then i was in highschool or freshman year. It feels great. I can hardly wait for next year. I'm living in a house with 21 of my closest friends and its going to be amazing i can already tell (hopefully not to tense with everyone living in such close proximity).

anyway. Just got back from my trip toBosnia, It was fantatsic and i can not wait to go to europe in the spring. I love europe it is such a different place to live, much slower and calmer then America where everyone rushes you out the door so they could get more service. I hope that people come visit me in Sussex London, I am pretty sure it will be amazing. I think Matt is going to Sussex too which will be so much fun.

My parents are going to las vegas on tuesday. Were going to have some type of party hopefully it'll be good. J is supposed to visit me this week from school if he remembers but i honestly can say i doubt it will happen. Kind of dissapointing this summer but i guess thats what happens when your no longer in a relationship. I honestly want to be in a serious relationship again. I am completely ready for it. I want to be in love. I dont know. This is stupid. Im writing this pretty late, its 1:36 am and im completely jet lagged. It would be 7 am in BOsnia now so a little off track.

I can't wait for school. I hope the rest of the summer goes really well. I hope j comes. I hope i have the chance to see D before the end of the summer... it's been 7 months since ive seen him. Weird. Kind of sad but what can I do we live different lives now and he has someone else to care/think about. Okay i guess that's it.

Cya lj.
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26 December 2009 @ 12:01 am
Welll first semseter freshman year is over! its so strange that it went by so fast. Things are werid because were not home all the time. I wish it was back to how it used to be in some cases... I cant believe im turning 18 thats werid, i wish i was 19 already because everyone at Clark is so much older than me ughhh.
Break has been good so far, somtimes boring.  I wish more of something would happen its making me worried and cranky a bit. New years shoudl be fun, i hope something i want occurs... we shall see...
07 September 2009 @ 03:00 pm

Well i went to my friends page to see if anyone updated and ofcourse no1 had so my entry from a week ago was the only one up there! isnt that insane that noone even looks at this?

well were in college and i jsut wanted to write that here so in 10 years when i read back on my life ill remember what it was like being a freshman in college. The first couple of days have been rough, ive been extremely homesick. But i think im getting better .... idk.... well its been fun and def a new experince. I have a couple of new girl - friends so tahts also nice. and i really like them so its good!!
My early mod. euro class has this hard question that ive been trying to answer all day long but i cant hahaha oh well! i gues sill jsut have to work on it somemore. I also need to get my computer to work and figure out what pages of a book that we need to read cuz i def cant read the whole thing... lolz.
okay alll for now i suppose I hpoe if anyone reads this that there having a good time as well! xooxxo to all.
College forevz i suppose ha
im werid.
love yah livejournal

24 August 2009 @ 10:36 pm
college in 3 days!!!
15 June 2009 @ 11:22 pm
our last day of highschool! omg that is so crazy to think about. Livejournal has witnessed the past 6 yeras of my life-- fresh-senior year its just insane how quickly it goes by.
Im sorta nervous to go to Clark in a couple months, i just need to chill out and relax cuz i knwo till be fun but i just cant calm myself ughzz
ima miss everyone so much!!
s6<3 and drewski and my parents and my dawg and my fam and jeezzzzzzz :[

SENIORS '09!!!
03 March 2009 @ 06:35 pm
WHY does all my college shit get messed up?!?! how do some of my schools not have my mid year grades yet? its so ridicoulous that ms cuevas hasnt handled that properly. To top it all off some dont even have my FAFSA which freakin sucks. GOODNESS GRACIOUS im in such a terrible mood now espeically since i found out that we cant sign up for the stupid drivers ed course anymore and that pisses me off so badly that we missed the deadline despite my constant talk about wanting to take it.
Worst day i cant find info about AP WOlrd i hate dobbs's project, so pointless.

01 March 2009 @ 07:34 pm

        Yo you have to know the tune in orfer for it to sound really good, ull prob get confused but its funny anyway!                                     

 Stolen from Stacey:

                                          To the tune of the Graduation Song

So we get pretty nervios bout moving on, we have to understand whats really goin on, Plenty of memories we gotta keep, we gotta stop thinkin its the last time were gonna speak.

We grew up together, or we met later on, this perfect group has got it goin on, we all became extremely close, even when phils finger became really gross.

                                               And this is how is is...

As we go on, we remember, all the times we had together, and as our lives change, from whatever, we will still be friends forever.

We will all remember how funny Diana is, how much of a nerd Beth Newman was, we all know that coach likes sabrina, he's just a plain old petifile. Whenever you look at Staceys face, youll always see a great big smile, how annoying Morgan can sometimes be, how greedy Chelsea can always be,  always remember polina pierced a whole in her ear, we all know Sam will never touch a beer... and this is how it is        (Chorus)

Now bout the guys who are very cool, Mikeys always havin a great time at the pool, All Alex likes to do is play baseball, wouldnt be suprised if Phil had a partner named Paul , Justin likes to pick his pupic hairs, Morgan used to like him so she probably doesnt care, They're just a bunch of fun guys, we will miss them as the years go by, And this is how it is... (Chorus)

We are now all spliting up, not another times to say whats up, we've been together for such a long time, plenty of times, we've been a partner in crime. People are leaving and people are staying, i wll miss them, and thats what i'll be saying, Now its time to say goodbye, on the last day of school, we'll all share a cry... And this is how it is... (Chorus)



01 March 2009 @ 01:41 pm

I got the cutest email from Temple it was adorable, heres the link: http://www.temple.edu/rsvp/invite/admitted/ which made me a bit more interested in acutally attending. I spent the next hour and half looking at teh website and i found that i absolutely love the Film department and would definatly want to transfer there if history isnt what i thought it would be. ALthough there are 400 history majors so i cant completely give up on it... but the films are just amazing and the students are so talented and seem like they learn so much. I watched a couple that were up for awards from independent film festivals, sooooo moving!

anyway i woke up at 8 today did the laundry walked arvie and kwamie, finshed my World Hist. Communist Manifesto project first part and tahn did the hw and it was only 12. i was going to watch the amazing race season 9 since i watched it all yesterday at drews but i didnt have the channel :[ its so sda cuz i was really looking foward to it,,, oh well... this weekend was very chill and relaxing and i really enjoyed it.

I'm absolutely so excited for soccer to begin, i just love it ten times more than i have before and i honestly cant wait til practice (i say this now but we'll see how it is in a couple of weeks =P ) I think the team that cush chose is great and even the new girls seem like they'll be funn. I love how everyone who was on the team last year who tried out this year made it ! also as i was watching the tryouts its amazing to see how much you can learn in a year or two. When we started we all played so badly and would bunch up insanely and now we all know to keep our space, and call out names & its just exciting to see how much we've grown!

Its unbelieveable that there are 68 and ahalf more days of school, not including weekends or vacations! so insane!! im nervous and so excited, its a weird mix. I'm stil a bit confused on graduation and how its going to work out. The ticket situation sucks as well and i feel as if it will be a bit crowded and unorganized. It would be out year that gets messed up, that always happens. We also really need to figure out the afterprom situation asap because also knowing us nothing will work out and it must, it really must!!!!

okayy all for now, sorry this is long but i havent updated in forever.
03 February 2009 @ 05:31 pm
 oh man :-/
03 February 2009 @ 04:15 pm
well saturday was beautiful out and now its snowing, i dont understand this weather at all! its insane and im really chilly right now but im in sweats, sweatshirt and slippers! burrrrrr hehe
well regents week was alright, my days consisted of waking up at  12, sitting around ignroing my homework and than going out around 6.. pretty exciting. Not much happened. By the time the weekend came i just wanted to go back to school... but now that im here i just want vacation.,, which happens to be in 7 shcool days!~
i got my report card today and my average was a 94.02, im so happy that im doing well, although its a little late. my grades were : World Religion : 94 AP World HIstory : 92 Genocide in Lit : 97 Gym: 95 Govt : 94 Mixed Media Art ; 91 and stupid stat which ruined me : 79... anyway im very very pleased.
I got home today at exactly 3 o clock, it was so nice! me and dee RAN ALL THE WAY from school to the bus stop cuz the ten was there. than me and stacey ran over to the van which saved me so much time! I LOVE THS SKYVEIW VAN!
i finshed my ap world homwork at 330, did the cushing already and all that i have left is somthing.. i lost my train of thought.... anyways.... im gonan go byeeeeeeeeeeeee!